Welcome to Orrkjerrkastet


The car park is self-service an car park for motorhomes. It is located in the middle of beatiful nature between Drangedal and Lunde https://goo.gl/maps/2r46tKz6QihhTRBR9 wiht great hiking trail, fishing and swimming facilities. The place has no sanitary facilities, electricity or water.


Price/payment information:

Price: NOK 100,-  per 24h with payment in advance. Maximum parking time is 7 days.


Vipps number: 602931 (orrkjerrkastet bobilparkerin).

Card: Go to the website «Orrkjerrkastet.no» and click on the "betaling" link.

Cash: Put cash in an envelope with the registration. (We also accept 10€, 100 DKK or 100 SEK in cash)



On arrival: find a free space and park there. Use the form in the mailbox for registration. Fill out the registration form and put it completed in the other mailbox (use an envelope if you pay in cash). Use the main car park or find a space along the road within the road barrier.



  • The area is for camper cars only (not caravans, tents, combi camp or cars without toilets - service cars are allowed). 
  • Minimum distance 3 meters. All parking at your own risk.
  • It should be quiet on site after 11 pm. Avoid unnecessary driving on site as it disturbs other guests. Max 20 km/h. Driving between 23 - 07 is not allowed.
  • Keep order, pick up rubbish and keep it tidy. 
  • It is possible to swim in the river and by Åslandsdammen, but remember that there can be slippery and sharp rocks and varying bottom conditions. All swimming at your own risk.
  • Fishing license is included in the price and applies throughout the Sætreelvea also above and below the car park. It is also allowed to fish in the ponds above the parking lot. Fishing should take place without disturbing other guests. 
  • Use approved emptying stations for greywater/toilet. The nearest emptying stations are CircleK in Drangedal or Esso in Ulefoss.
  • Garbage is delivered at Stormo waste park in Lunde. Driving directions / opening hours see: iata.no



The local area is rich in cultural monuments, nature and outdoor life. The place is located along Sætreleva which was a river used for transportation of timber to Kragerø. Åslandsdammen and other cultural monuments from the beginning of the 20th century are a short walk from the parking.


There are many nice walks in the area both on foot and by bike. Luberg, Rupåsen, Åsland farm and Nåsnibben are nice marked hikes with varying degrees of difficulty. It is also nice to bike along the Sætrelva which is part of a marked network of cycle paths in the area. Remember to bring swimwear. There are many nice swimming opportunities in the area!


For those of you who are interested in war history: The remains of a Mosquito wreck from World War II are located in Høidalen a few kilometers away. The plane was shot down in 1945 after the bombing of Hydro Porsgrunn.


For the children, the Adventure Trail is also a few kilometers away. This is a 500 meter long nature trail with exciting tasks and experiences along the way. The text is in English and Norwegian.  Bring the picnic basket and see if you can find traces of a moose.


There is trout in Sætreelva and the pond on the upper side of the river. Fishing license is included when you park.



Google maps (click on the link below :)




59 degrees 12 minutes 0 seconds north

9 degrees 4 minutes 34 seconds east


UTM position: Zone 32V E 504352 N 6562311

Decimal degrees: N59.1999 ° - E9.0762 °